Family Health Insurance Plan

Family is the center point of every individual’s life; it is around our family that our whole life revolves. If anything untoward happens to any of our dear ones, our whole life turns upside down. The kind of environment we live in these days leaves us vulnerable to various medical conditions. This makes it imperative for us to be prepared for any unforeseen medical exigencies by investing in health insurance plans for family, as healthcare expenses should be the last thing that one should have to worry about when tending to a dear one’s health.

Why Opt for Family Health Insurance?

Due to rising pollution levels, changing lifestyle habits, sedentary living, food contamination, and more, our health is at a graver risk than ever before. There is no doubt about the fact that there has been an abnormal rise in health issues and incidence of diseases in the past decade.

To add to that, inflation in medical treatment has highlighted the need for having mediclaim policy for the family. Family health insurance is a great way to safeguard your health as well as that of your family by supporting you financially in the times of need.

This is where IFFCO Tokio’s Family Health Protector policy comes to your aid, providing you the financial support you need in those critical moments. With our comprehensive health insurance plans for a family, healthcare expenses are well taken care of. The highly affordable premiums and comprehensive coverage offered by our mediclaim policy for family provides umbrella protection against a vast array of medical conditions.

IFFCO-Tokio Family Health Protector Policy

IFFCO Tokio’s Family Health Protector Policy provides protection for the whole family allowing you to safeguard yourself from the financial burden in times of medical exigencies.

A family health plan covers expenses related to hospitalization, treatment, surgery, organ transplantation etc. This health insurance policy covers family members including you, your spouse and dependent parent and children; brother, sister, brother-in-law, sister-in-law, nephew, niece or any other relation who is dependent or relatives living together. One of the best health insurance policies in India, it also offers, for the first time in India, an optional cover for critical illness to the family under a single sum insured on floater basis.

Buy Family Health Insurance Plan Online

We understand how important your family is, which is why we provide you with a comprehensive family health plan that covers you and your family from diagnosis to treatment and aftercare. Get IFFCO Tokio’s Family Health Protector Policy and get coverage for medical expenses incurred during hospitalization, consulting fees of doctors, diagnostic tests, ambulance fees etc.

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